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CLOCA's Clean Water Stewardship Programs

Partners with you in watershed stewardship.
Our Clean Water Stewardship Program’s (CWSP) main purpose is to encourage and support Central Lake Ontario Conservation's watershed landowners to conserve, enhance and monitor the ecological health and biodiversity of the natural resources on their properties.

The CWSP acts as the delivery agents working with you by providing technical assistance for Water Quality Improvement Programs and Tree Sales and Planting Programs. CWSP integrates CLOCA’s ongoing watershed planning with the landowner’s desired objectives for their property. You may have several objectives or priorities for your property such as financial investment, recreation, fish and wildlife habitat creation, production of forest products, or simply the appreciation of nature, all within the overall goal of maintaining a healthy environment.

We provide free one-on-one site visits and can refer you to other programs and service providers in the area to assist you with implementing your project(s).

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CWSP Benefits

Several direct benefits to watershed communities are made by landowners that undertake restoration activities:

  • Water quality improvement and protection
  • Water conservation and quantity management
  • Enhancement and protection of:
    • Shorelines
    • Wetlands
    • Fish and wildlife habitat
    • Rivers, creeks and riparian areas
    • Forests, woodlots and windbreaks
    • Soil conservation and land management
    • Air quality improvement
    • Project monitoring and reporting

*Eligible projects must be within the CLOCA jurisdiction

For more information please contact:

Patricia Lowe
Director, Watershed Stewardship, Marketing & Outreach Education
(905) 579-0411, ext. 126
Email: plowe@cloca.com


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